Roshan Lal Sharma received his B. A. (Physics and Math) with a minor in English literature from Punjab University in 1948. In literature his interests were in romantic poetry and Victorian novels of Galsworthy. He came over to the United States in 1949 for graduate studies. He studied fine art and physics at UCLA for 4 years, and physics at USC for 2 years obtaining M.S. in Physics from the latter in 1955.

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Books by Roshan Lal Sharma

A New Algorithm for Studying Routes in a Connected Graph

The book describes a very efficient algorithm (based on combinatorial analysis/block design) for generating all the routes between a starting node, s and all other nodes in a connected graph. The EcoNets software can then also select all routes between any pair of nodes or with any other desired set of attributes. The book lists all routes for two example networks, (6 node, 9 spans) and (10n, 20s). It also develops a formula for approximating the total number of routes between node, s and all other nodes for any path length, PL and Avg. (Nodal degree of connectivity = Nc).


Saving Immigrant's Daughter

A real-life story based on the 1000 letters the Indian immigrant Abnashi Ram left to his daughter Raj upon his death. It is about how he became involved with the freedom movement in India, how his elders tried to change his future by marrying him forcibly to a 15-year old girl, how he ran away to America and how he became a rich merchant in Hollywood. Since the draconian immigration laws against the Indians prevented him to bring his family to America, he was always lonely. To stay sane, he cultivated friendships and wrote heart-rending letters. But loneliness never left him.

When WWII started, Ram lost all contact with his family especially his first-born daughter. Suddenly, he feared of her being sacrificed in the name of either honor killing or early marriage. For over four years he tried to contact his family but did not have any luck. In the meantime, to create a legacy for his daughter, he organized his fellow immigrants for a successful struggle to convince Great Britain to free India. In 1947, his daughter became stranded in the newly formed Pakistan after partition. His global network of friends came to rescue her from the ensuing mass killings in Punjab. He made a special trip in 1949 to bring his daughter to the United States on a student visa. When the U. S. immigration laws were changed in 1967, his entire family was finally united in America.


Holy Men and Holy Cows

Holy Men and Holy Cows describes the adventures of an Americanized Hindu in three lands: 1. Native Land of India, 2. Adopted Land of America and 3. Inner Land of his beliefs and ideas. This book was written to answer the question posed by his company’s president, “What do you really believe?”. The author asked, “Do you have some time?” When the president answered, “No.”, the author answered, “Then I have to write a book to answer your original question.” The president then ordered the author to write the book without any interruption for 5 weeks.


Network Systems

It was the first attempt to classify the networks by their architecture i.e. geographical footprint, access method, network topology, transmission and multiplexing techniques, and network management and control methodology.


Network Topology Optimization

It develops a new approach to network optimization over a set of viable network topologies through the use of user-friendly computer tools and fast iterations.


Network Design Using EcoNets

It employs the network topology optimization approach using the user-friendly EcoNets software package that runs on any desktop computer and allows very fast iterations to obtain an economical solution to any enterprise network for voice, data and integrated voice/data application.

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